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We believe in communicating with meaning and purpose. Without those two things we are just adding to the sea of noise which already exists in the world.

If we understand why you need to communicate and what result you are looking for, we can help hatch a plan to create the most effective and purposeful solution.

We execute super creative and engaging visual communications, in the areas of print, publishing, campaigns, digital & social media.

Communication services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • campaign design
  • implementation
  • advertising
  • outdoor & transit
  • print communication
  • digital communication
  • social media planning
Print design, Editorial design, Report Design, Impact report, Annual report

Client: Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University‘s Advancement department required an updated look for their fundraising report booklets. We worked with the recently updated SFU brand to create a contemporary and impactful design for this series of reports. About 4-6 are created by us for SFU each year.

Project scope

  • Report design, Editorial design, Art direction, Print facilitation, Production
Guerilla marketing, Campaign creation, Campaign design, engagement, culture creation, social media, posters, flyers

Client: Culture Project Victoria

We created the Culture Project brand as a way for a culture & work club to secure its position as the events and culture hub in their launch city. Elements of the project include an events calendar, public engagement and interaction and a punchy print and social media campaign.

Project scope

  • Concept creation, Engagement, Campaign design, Planning, Print facilitation, Social media planning

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