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Logo Design

Sometimes you need more than just a logo.

A professional visual identity is essential for the success of any business needing to communicate directly to consumers, or to communicate business to business. A successful visual identity makes your company unique and identifiable in your competitive marketplace and stand out as a leader among your competitors.

In order to be able to build you a competitive visual identity, we first need to do our homework. This involves chatting with key people in your company. Sometimes it helps to have a chat with your customer base. We do a deep dive into your competitive marketplace to find out what your key competitors are up to. We take all of this, plus a couple of other (top secret) processes and produce a comprehensive discovery document that we review with you. This is always an amazing experience for us and our clients alike and it is typically where a lot of the magic happens. Clients learn even more about themselves and we learn a lot about our clients and what is needed to produce a great visual identity.

Next we dive into design concepts.

Visual identities typically include, but are not limited to the following items:

  • Logo
  • Stationery package
  • Colour system
  • Typographic system
  • Secondary or support graphics (patterns, illustrations, photographic styling, iconography)
  • Tone of voice & style guide
  • Guidelines document (writing and design)

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