Becoming Design Office is a brand design agency. We create super competitive visual identities, campaigns and brands for a wide range of people and planet-conscious companies. We value art, relationships and the success that strategic applied design brings to a company's bottom line.


We specialize in strategic brand identity design, campaigns, packaging and related visual brand communications. Our services include planning, design and facilitation. In other words we consider the complete project lifecycle, from start to delivering materials you can actually use.

Brand Identity

We believe a brand isn't truly a brand until your customers, employees, competitors and suppliers recognize it as one. Until this recognition happens you've just got yourself a really great visual identity.

We build ownable and effective visual identities which become the backbone of your company's visual communications toolkit. This can include a logo, colour system, font system, support graphics and recommendations around use of photography, illustration and beyond. Once all of these elements are in place, we hatch a plan to introduce your company to the world and start to build brand recognition.

Brand development is the process of taking a well established visual identity and rolling it out to anyone who matters in your world. Your customers, staff, suppliers etc., in a relatable and consistent way. This process builds brand recognition, resulting in a well developed brand essence that everyone in your important circle can relate to and understand.

Communication & Campaigns

We believe in communicating with meaning and purpose. Without those two things we are just adding to the sea of noise which already exists in the world.

If we understand why you need to communicate and what result you are looking for, we can help hatch a plan to create the most effective and purposeful solution.

We execute super creative and engaging visual communications, in the areas of print, publishing, campaigns, digital & social media.

Signage & Environmental Graphics

Brands don't just belong on the printed page or in the digital environment.

Our environmental design projects include branded office building interiors and exteriors, trade show booths and retail/trade environments.

For larger projects we will often work in collaboration with one of our interior design or architecture partners, we work to create bespoke environments which embody your company's brand essence.

Strategic Planning

What is your goal and how do we get there?

We don't believe in a single process for all. Because every project comes with its own unique set of problems to solve, we create a bespoke solution designed specifically for you to achieve your unique goal(s).

In this session, we ask the hard questions, dive deep and come up with a plan which informs how we design.

Naming & Positioning

A name is the foundation of your company or product identity. We lead you through a comprehensive process to determine a successful result. This includes defining your objectives, understanding your brand identity, understanding your end-user, developing name concepts (over hundreds of options are explored), testing the best name options, facilitating trademark screening and providing everything required for a successful trademark application.

Packaging & Product

We work with some of BC's top brands to produce effective packaging design solutions. We believe that packaging can make or break the success of your product. We understand that creating beautiful packaging doesn't guarantee success.

We dive deep and create competitive branded packaging projects which consider the complete lifecycle of a product. From supplier sourcing, supply chain, unit cost, materials, graphic design, to the effectiveness at the retail level.


Ross Chandler

Principal & Creative Director

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design, Ross spent the first 7 years of his career at leading Canadian design studios Hambly & Woolley (Toronto) and Subplot Design (Vancouver) before opening Becoming Design Office, in Victoria, BC.

His work has been recognized by international award shows, publications & institutions including: Graphis, Creative Review, Communication Arts Magazine, Print Magazine, Applied Arts Magazine, HOW Magazine, Design Edge, Lovely Package, The Dieline, Summit Awards, Hermes, Graphic Design USA, FITC, and Inspiracion Magazine (Asia).

Ross is an active member of the Canadian design community. He is a long time volunteer with the Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) in the capacity of mentor and educator to young designers across Canada. He has served on the events committee, acting as both an organizer and moderator at Design Thinkers, Canada's national design conference.

Aitor Iruretagoyena

Director of Brand Development

Aitor is an experienced brand and business development guru. His resume spans luxury fashion, software, home and coffee markets. His ability to use his expertise over such a wide range of industries is what made us realize he would be great fit for Becoming. He also happens to be a damn fine human, father, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and fixer of vintage motorcycles & cars.

April McNeil

Account Director

April believes that how you do one thing is how you do everything. The bonus: you won’t often find her doing just one thing.

As Account Director, April oversees client communications and project management for Becoming Design Office. April's passion for communications strategy and consumer behaviour stems from her time working in strategic brand development. April thrives when working to connect brands with their consumers and building relationships through authentic creative engagement.

Originally from Toronto, April lived in Vancouver for over 25 years working in the music industry, public relations, event management and hospitality. Relocating to Vancouver Island in 2011, she is a self described coffee snob and you can usually find her wrangling and feeding her kids, hiking in the forest with her dog, or camping all over the island with the family.

Zyre Moss-Hoskins


Zyre is our beloved studio designer and overall amazing human. She embodies the perfect balance between creative hand-maker of things and applied graphic designer / hand letterer. When we found out she was a lefty the deal was sealed!

Zyre has lived in Tucson, Olympia and Nanaimo (while completing her B.DES at VIU), before finally landing here in Victoria, BC. When she’s not creating art, making clothes or creating beautiful visual identities, you can find her in her garden or scaling walls at the climbing gym.

Joe Thoong

Jr Designer

Joe is the resident Jr Designer at becoming with a strong focus on UX/UI design. He is super passionate about food, music, art, bouldering... oh, and design. Before even graduating, he was already serving as the student member of our national design guild (RGD), he was the UX/UI designer at The Navigator, VIU's digital publication (not to be confused with 'The Navigator,  voice of Atlantic Canada's fishing industry'), he has won several design awards including an RGD So(cial)Good Award, an RGD Student Award and the GDC VI Hemlock Scholarship. He also placed 5th (in the world) at Worldskills, Kazan in 2019.

Joe interned with us in the second year of his Bachelor of Design at VIU and we are thrilled to have him back with us as a full time designer.

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We work with people and companies who value design and understand that process-driven, applied design can bring meaningful results. We’re all about relationships and find that we do our best work with clients who share these values.

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