RUDI Restaurant


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Brand Identity


Design Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Custom Lettering


Website Design

Collateral design

Brand Writing

Environmental Graphics

Interior and Exterior Signage

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Bidgood - Interior Design

Mackenzie Duncan - Photography

Aleya Samji - Name & Concept Development


RUDI is a new restaurant concept that required everything from a name and brand story to a complete visual identity. We worked with our friend and collaborator, Aleya Samji, to create the brand story that is RUDI. If you have the time, here's what we came up with: If this restaurant had a persona, they would be a first or second-generation Canadian. The descendant of immigrants. They grew up on the west coast but have tasted the fruits of far-off lands. Scents, sounds, images and the energy of the World's most magnificent cities. Cities with a history. A culture. With roots. With experience. They bring this experience home with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Of longing and searching for their own identity. One they are committed to discover through craft and experimentation. To understand and discover their own identity. Their own version of their lineage. The medium for this exploration is food. Not to replicate your great grandmother's Rouladen, but something new, that would make her proud. See you there for dinner?